Blocking Pads

Ultra White

Ultra White™

Very similar to our Ultra Blue™ with a slightly different adheasive that provides an easier release when deblocking.

Ultra Blue

Ultra Blue™

Our best selling pad which has been designed for great adhesion and performance on nearly all lense surfaces.

Ultra Red

Ultra Red™

Your best defense in avoiding slippage with todays most demanding hydroscopic super slippery lens surfaces. All the strength that SecurEdge offers, with the addition of the industries best adheasive, and an effortless release.



A premium pad when quality counts. Unique 3 piece construction virtually eliminates the stretching and twisting that occurs from high levels of torque during the edging process.

SecurEdge Plus

SecurEdge Plus™

The latest generation blocking pad specifically engineered for hydrophobic lenses. Its high performance adhesive eliminates the need for supplemental films, providing a one step solution.