Special Hand Tools

Special Hand Tools

Special Hand Tools 1

Trim Tools

Inland manufactures several hand tools to make your job easier. The Wolverine Trim Tool is the perfect tool used to pre-shape and pre-groove both clay and rubber polish wheels. It is also useful to remove the “lips” on the sides of the wheel as the groove gets deeper into the wheel. Reduces long breakin periods.

Diamond Files

Diamond files are available in medium grit for small touch up work. The file is used to erase small cosmetic blemishes (shiners) or chips on the edge of the glass.

Dressing Sticks

Aluminum oxide dressing sticks are ideal for cleaning diamond wheels. By using these sticks on a regular basis it helps to keep the glass swarf off of the wheels and helps to make the diamonds protrude for easier cutting action. Dressing sticks ca be used o Peripheral Edging wheels, Cup wheels for flat polishers and bevelers and Core Drills. Dressing sticks are kept in stock in a variety of sizes and grits for immediate shipment.