Floor Prep / Metal Grinding Plates

New Patented Design Metal Technology

Our new Granilux® Metal diamonds utilize the latest technology in diamond selection and sintering technology.

This new process provides better refinement without discoloring the surface.  Salt and Pepper finishes with less pull out.  Available for Wet or Dry grinding.

The flexible body allows the diamond selection to better follow the floor while reducing manufacturing cost.

Grind smarter, Polish faster, Save money.

New Velcro Backed Turbo Cups

New Granilux® Metal Turbo Cups share the same sintering technology as our Flexible Metals.

This new design features an inter layer to keep the diamond section flat and raise the face above the tool holder.

Designed to be used wet on new or existing terrazzo.

Metal Floor Grinding Plates / Traps

Our new series of Metal Bond Floor prep tools offer both performance and value.

Manufactured using the latest equipment and improved performance bonds for all machine types.

Custom laser marking and color choice to set you apart from your competitors.