Optical Lab Supplies

Inland is best known for its innovations and ability to provide cost-effective, realistic solutions for production needs.  For example, we were the first company to supply diamond-grinding wheels specifically for polycarbonate lenses.  Inland holds over 50 patents involving breakthroughs in the industry.

Our customers include the largest retail optical chains and the largest wholesale optical laboratories around the world.  We serve companies around the world and have affiliates in Canada and England.

Knowledgeable and friendly sales and customer service staff are dedicated to serving you.  Our hours are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST.

Lens Tinting Dyes

UV Dyes

V Shield Treatment

Related Chemicals

Lens Protectors

Dressing Sticks

Marking Ink

Polish Wheels

Rag Wheels


Auto Groover

Hand Edger

Edge Polisher

Diamond PCD Blades

Carbide Blades